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WTP and G8 Consultants Form Joint Venture

World Trade Partnership LLC in Washington, DC has teamed up with G8 Consultants Pty Ltd A.C.N. 130 541 445 in Australia to form a joint venture partnership to extend the WTP consultancy services to Asia and the Pacific Region. The joint venture is headed by G8 Consultants’ Mr. Peter Chen, a Chinese Australian who is also the Chairman of Sabina Corporation Limited which has a participating 50% interest in G8 Consultants’ activities. On 18th February 2009 Mr. Chen issued a Market Release on behalf of Sabina to the Australian Securities Exchange announcing the joint venture partnership.

Major Real Estate Development Projects

The new joint venture leverages G8’s experience and expertise in real estate development, and their authoritative knowledge of the regional market. G8, together with World Trade Partnership, has expertise to assist with every phase of major project development, from conception, through strategic planning and design, project management, and operations. World Trade Partnership’s unique team of industry leaders can bring world level expertise to bear on virtually any aspect of project development.

Development of World Trade Centers

World Trade Partnership together with G8 has great expertise in the development and operation of World Trade Centers. Let us show you how to integrate the World Trade Center model into your qualified real estate development, and significantly enhance the profitability and economic development impact of your project.

Sector Expertise

The following is only a partial list of sectors for which we can provide cost effective and world class strategic planning and project management teams:

• Real Estate Development
• World Trade Centers
• Free Trade Zones
• Research Parks
• Business Incubators
• Airports
• Ports
• Highway & Road Projects
• Water & Sewage Treatment Facilities
• Refineries
• Traditional and Renewable Power Generation
• Telecom & Internet Networks
• Convention and Visitors Bureaus/Tourism Promotion
• Sister City Relationships
• Support and Training for Government Ministries and Agencies
• Logistics
• Agriculture/Livestock/Fishing
• Mining / Oil / Gas
• Corporate Restructuring and Quality Management

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